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Think Twice Yakima - Essential Skills for Life

From relationships to life goals, the youth of the world are facing difficult situations every day. At Think Twice, we aim to help children by providing them with the skills they need to navigate life's challenges.

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Building a Strong Foundation

We are dedicated to empowering teenagers and youth with tools that not only improve their communication skills but also sets the stage for meaningful relationships and successful careers. Here's how our program is designed to make a lasting impact:

Scientifically accurate curriculum: Our curriculum relies on scientifically and medically accurate information to explain healthy relationships and encourage physical and emotional well-being.

Comprehensive relationship education: We cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the science of love to recognizing relationship warning signs, giving your teenager a better understanding of relationships.

Healthy communication: We emphasize teaching healthy communication techniques. We encourage our students to express themselves, actively listen, and build strong, respectful connections.

Avoiding risky behaviors: Our program covers risk avoidance, social media safety, and navigating today's complex world, arming your teenager with the knowledge to steer clear of harmful situations.

Career success: Our program provides students with communication skills that can help them achieve their goals. They will be better prepared for job interviews, learn effective teamwork, and develop leadership skills.

Our Lessons

Our youth-focused programs cover ten topics that are essential for nurturing healthy relationships and wellbeing:


We teach students how to define meaningful life goals and successfully pursue them.


Understanding personality traits, both their own and others', can help youth build strong relationships.


We teach ways to effectively communicate and how to peacefully resolve conflicts.

Social Media

In today's digital age, we guide youth in responsible social media use, helping them ensure that online relationships don’t harm their personal growth.

Sexual Health

We teach teens about sexual health and how to avoid STDs and teen pregnancy.

Abuse Awareness

Our programs educate young people on recognizing the signs of abuse and encourage seeking support when needed.

Toxic Behaviors

Recognizing and addressing harmful behaviors can help students form healthy friend groups.


We explore emotional and physical intimacy, teaching youth how to create relationships built on trust and respect.


We stress the importance of prioritizing physical and emotional well-being for a fulfilling, healthy life.

Life Skills

We help prepare students for their future with practical life skills for independent living.

How Our Lessons Can Help

Holding Hands

Teen pregnancy rates: Yakima County, like many other regions, faces challenges related to teen pregnancy. Relationship education can significantly reduce the risk of early parenthood among teenagers.


Online dangers: With the rise of technology, teens are increasingly exposed to harmful situations like cyberbullying and online exploitation. Our program equips them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the online landscape safely.


Abuse awareness: Recognizing the signs of abuse in relationships is crucial. Sadly, many teens suffer in silence. Equipping children with the knowledge to identify abuse can help them break free from unhealthy situations and seek the appropriate support.

How Can I Help My Teenager Learn About Healthy Relationships?

When a teen has a problem, they often turn to their friends for advice instead of a parent, guardian, or teacher. To help youth feel comfortable mentioning sensitive topics, it's crucial to nurture open and non-judgmental communication. By embracing open conversation, you have the chance to become their mentor and share in both their challenges and victories.

Here are some helpful resources that explain common sensitive subjects:

Consent: Watch this informative video on consent, an essential trait in all relationships.

Tutorial on the Reproductive System: For initiating conversations about reproductive health, this  video provides an informative starting point.

Identifying red flags in relationships: Help your teen recognize red flags in relationships with this video.

Effective confrontation techniques: Communication is key in any relationship. This video teaches techniques to successfully handle confrontations.

Video Resources

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