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Think Twice Yakima - Essential Skills for Life

Raising kids can be complicated but so rewarding. There can be so many questions that every parent has. Our desire is to support parents as they raise their kids. 

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Key elements to building a strong foundation for your kids.

Here are 5 important qualities every family needs to build a strong foundation for their children.

1.  Healthy affection and support

4. Setting consistant and fair rules and expectations

2.  Respect, Safety and Protection

3. Expecting mistakes and forgiving in a healthy way

5. Family Tradition and Community

Parent Class

We offer a Parenting class that equips parents to build healthy relationships and how to talk to your kids about how to build healthy relationships.

Topic 1: 
Past, Present and Future

How does our family's past effect our future. Let's discuss traditions, baggage and goals. 

Topic 2:
Intimacy & Mental Health


What does it mean to be close to someone? What does healthy, safe intimacy look like? How can we support our teens guide them in the best choices for their mental health and wellness.

Topic 3:

Communication is more than the words we say. How can we talk with our kids in a way that builds our relationships. Learn about the types of communcation and how to have healthy conflict.

Topic 4:
Social Media 

We live in a digtal age. Everyone is online, and it's not dissappearing. Let's discuss how to use social media in a safe way and guide your kids to form healthy safe skills online.

Topic 5: 
The SEX talk

The hardest and most important converstaion to have with your kids is about sex. Let's talk about how to discuss sex with your teen in a healthy way. 

Parenting Resources

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