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Our goal is to see the Yakima Valley become a healthier place by empowering youth to make safe and fully informed choices.

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Think Twice provides scientifically and medically accurate information for teens to help them build healthy relationships.

We approach creating relationships from the ground up, starting with knowing oneself and building towards intimacy with a life partner. We want to equip our youth with the tools they need to build successful lives and successful relationships, empowering them to make and reach positive goals.

Through interactive lessons with engaging speakers, we are able to show youth what healthy relationships look like, how to identify problems in relationships, and how aiming for a committed partner relationship/marriage results in healthier families and greater lifetime success. 

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We believe that, as a community, we are not only responsible to protect and feed our children, but to awaken in them the desire for a healthy and fulfilled life, with goals and aspirations. We need to support them in discovering and reaching their potential.


Think Twice Yakima's Healthy Relationships program consists of 10, no-cost, 1-hour sessions that are tailored for your classroom or youth group. The content is scientifically and medically accurate and age-appropriate for your students. Our discussions cover:

Goals & Expectations
Proactive Choices
Decision Making
Success Sequence
Knowing Yourself
Recognizing Character
Communication Skills

Strong Foundations Healthy Marriages​
Peer Pressure Misconceptions
Love Chemicals
Brain Conditioning Smart Relationships

Love vs. Infatuation Levels of Intimacy
Risky Situations Pregnancy, STI's & HIV Abuse Red Flags Dangerous Love
A Child's Perspective

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Our presentation information was reviewed for statistical, factual, and medical accuracy, and each member of our medical advisory team gave enthusiastic support for our relationship and life-skills education. Think Twice is up to date on teen sexuality and is constantly being updated.


Think Twice is a healthy relationships program brought to you Life Choices Clinic & Care Center. Think Twice is part of the educational department of the clinic. It was started in 2015 as an interactive presentation for students on pregnancy and STD prevention. 

​In 2019, Life Choices was awarded a federal grant, the Title V Competitive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education grant, to implement Think Twice on a larger scale. The grant is awarded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau and falls under Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.


Think Twice uses federally approved curricula from The Dibble Institute, age-appropriate for both middle schools and high schools, and addresses students ages 11–19. Our curriculum meets all of the OSPI K12 implementation and content requirements for comprehensive sexual health education (CSE) and is consistent with Health Education K-12 Learning Standards.

In order to support schools and youth-based organizations with the challenging mission of training and equipping youth, the content of the program is frequently updated and revised with current information. Both Relationship Smarts (RS) and Love Notes (LN) are medically and scientifically accurate, reviewed and approved by the Family and Youth Services Bureau. RS meets the guidelines outlined in the Healthy Relationships Act of 2017. LN is included in the federal Office of Adolescent Health’s Evidence-Based Program list, based on statistically significant decreases in sexual activity, increases in contraceptive use, and avoidance of pregnancy. These curricula apply to all students regardless of age, sexual orientation, or if they are sexually active or abstinent. ​Think Twice Presentations fulfill Themes 1-8 of the Federal Guidelines for the abstinence portion of sexual education in compliance with the Healthy Relationships Act.

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