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Personality Types

Take our personality quiz

What is a personality? It's what makes up who you are. Some of your personality is what you are born with, are you quiet? are you loud? The rest of your personality is the way you are raised and your life experiences.

Studies have been done that have divide personalities styles into 6 types. Everyone has all 6 personalities in them, but 1 personality is usually higher than the others. 

Take this short quiz to see which personality type you are.

Quiz results
Your score tells us your personality. Find the color that matches your score and discover more about your personality type.
If you scored between1-10 you are a Purple
Major Strength: You love to get things done. You don't need to be the center of attention. You only care about the results. You enjoy the tasks involved in supervising people to get something accomplished. 
  • Organized
  • Gets things done
  • Values time
  • does things by the book
  • Plans ahead
  • loves effectiveness
Words That describe you:
Pitfalls: You can be focused on yourself and your work, not enough on the others around you. 
If you scored between 11- 35 you are a Blue
Major Strength: You love accuracy. You have a desire to do things the right way."  
Words That describe you:
  • Likes details
  • asks questions
  • perfectionistic
  • can be a know-it-all
  • sees & solves problems
  • needs time alone
Pitfalls: You can be a perfectionist. This can make you, and all those around you, very unhappy. 
If you scored between 36 - 60 you are a Green
Major Strength: You are respectful and concerned about others. You are hopeful and fair. You are very reliable and dependable  
  • Works well with others
  • Fair
  • loves hope and change
  • respectful
  • values harmony
  • deeply committed
Words That describe you:
Pitfalls: You dream about life but get overwhelmed about the details that make that dream a reality. 
If you scored between 61- 85 you are a Yellow
Major Strength: You are gentle and kind. They provide stability and consistency in any work environment. They are pleasers who avoid confrontation at all costs.  
  • Compassionate
  • Extremely loyal
  • Loves to serve others
  • Inclusive, accepting of others
  • Gives in easily
  • Has trouble making decisions
Words That describe you:
Pitfalls: You tend to give in to others to avoid conflict. 
If you scored between 86 -110 you are a Orange.
  • FUN
  • Loves entertaining
  • Values Humor
  • Isn't afriad of risks
  • Likes to be the center of attention
  • Loves to tell stories
  • Doesn't think things through
Words That describe you:
Major Strength: You inspire people to have fun and try new things. You are fast-paced and people oriented. You know alot of people and rarely met a stranger. 
Pitfalls: You act without thinking about the cnsequences. This can get you into trouble. 
If you scored between 111 - 125 you are a Red.
  • Likes to be in charge
  • Is determined
  • Can be intimidating
  • Likes to win
  • Is not a patient
  • Natural born leader
  • Says things directy
Words That describe you:
Major Strength: You are good at making decisions. You can be a natural born leader. You are action oriented and have great leadership abilities. 
Pitfalls: You can be too rigid. You can have a "My way or the highway" attitude. This can cause people to leave. 
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