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Breakups are Hard

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Breaking up is never easy, it's tough whether you are the one ending it or the one who is being dumped. Even if it's multual it can be hard on everyone. How do you know if you need to end a relationship? How do you heal from a break up? Here is some helpful information. 
Think it's time to end a relationship. How do you know? Here are some questions to ask yourself...
  • Have your feelings for the person changed?
  • Do you have anything in common?
  • Do you argue more and can't communicate?
  • Do you feel the other person is pressuring you to do something you are not comfortable with?
  • Do they feel more like a friend?
  • Do you like someone else more?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions it's time to consider a break up.

Best way to break up...

  1. Talk to a caring and trusted adult

  2. Pick a time and a place to have the conversation

  3. Be honest but not mean

  4. Tell them why the relationship needs to end and be direct. It elimates confusion.

  5. Give the other person time to ask questions, but stick to what you said.

  6. When the conversation is over, give yourself time to heal. 

Surviving a broken heart....

After a break up there are always a ton of emotions. There are many factors that contribute to how you feel after a breakup. But the one universal factor is you will

experience a level of pain. 

So how do you heal and move on after a relationship has ended?

Here are some tips to help...

Step 1: Embrace reality, understand that the relationship is over.
Step 2: DO NOT blame yourself. There are always more than one reason why a relationship ends.
Step 3: Stay away from playing games to get revenge or spread rumors.
Step 4: Talk to your Trusted Adult
Step 5: Beware of rebounding
Step 6: Get busy, get a hobby, go out and do something. It will lift your spirits and help occupy your mind. 
Step 7: Remember healing takes time, it will get better. You will eventually feel better. 
Step 8: Never forget you are Valuable, Important, Equal and Worthy.


If someone threatens to harm themselves because you are breaking up with them, get help immediately.

If they are being honest, they need more help than you can give.

If they are lying about it, that is a form of manipulation. This is a huge red flag and extremely unhealthy.


You need to end the relationship.

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