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How to break up well.

Breakups are hard, whether you are the one ending it or the one being dumped it's tough either way. But there are ways to make it a little bit easier. Follow these tips on how to end a relationship and recover.

Find an adult you can trust.

Trust is an essential part of any relationship. It can take a long time to form, but once you do it makes a relationship valuable. So, how do you create trust with the adults in your life? Which adults should you trust? Check out these helpful tips on forming a trusted adult relationship.
Studying on the Grass

What does Success mean to you?

When people think of success they often think of fame and wealth. What does success look like for you and how can you reach your dreams.


How do you know when your in love?

Love can be a mystery. Why do people fall in love? What does true love look like? Can you fall out of love? Find out about the science of love. 


Find out what your Personality says about you!

Eveyone has a personality. Are you loud, quiet, detailed or adventureous? How does your personality impact your relationships? Take our personality quiz to find out more!


What are you carrying?

Baggage are the things we carry with us from our past experiences. These experinces can be both positive or negative. What things are you carrying? Find out how to get rid of the negative things you carry.


Get relationship tips to tackle tough situations! Think Twice helps you think twice when faced with toxic connections, difficult decisions, and relationship misconceptions. We provide a safe space for you to learn, grow, and become your best self.

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One thing I learned from the course was that knowing how to speak to friends or family is very important.

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Want to know more about Healthy Relationships? 

Join a Community Class!

Community Classes are happening all the time! It's a great place to learn about relationships, hang out with other youth, and have a safe place to talk about anything!

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