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Are you a community leader? Do you lead a youth group?

Do you teach a health class or plan on putting on an event for youth? We can help!


 Think Twice Healthy Relationships program consists of 10 no-cost 1-hour sessions that are tailored for your classroom or youth group. The content is scientifically and medically accurate and age-appropriate for your students. 


Topics included in the presentations:


  • Goals & Expectations

  • Proactive Choices

  • Decision Making

  • Success Sequence

  • Knowing Yourself 

  • Recognizing Character

  • Communication Skills

  • Strong Foundations

  • Healthy Marriages​

  • Society Pressure

  • Misconceptions

  • Love Chemicals

  • Brain Conditioning

  • Smart Relationships

  • Love vs. Infatuation

  • Levels of Intimacy

  • Risky Situations

  • Pregnancy, STI's & HIV

  • Abuse Red Flags

  • Dangerous Love

  • A Child's Perspective

Think Twice Testimonies

"The Think Twice Presenters have a genuine care in educating youth to empower them to make healthy choices in their life. Each presenter brings their own fun personality and unique passion in giving students the skills and knowledge to navigate the variety of relationships they will experience with confidence. Family, friends, and dating relationships can be beautiful and complex. The skills taught in this program allow students to recognize the beauty and complexities of relationships and how to navigate them with courage, fortitude, and confidence."


-G. Hansen, Naches Valley High School teacher

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