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 Think Twice Healthy Relationships program consists of thirteen no-cost 1-hour sessions that are tailored for your classroom or youth group. The content is scientifically and medically accurate and age-appropriate for your students. 


Topics included in the presentations:


  • Goals & Expectations

  • Proactive Choices

  • Decision Making

  • Success Sequence

  • Knowing Yourself 

  • Recognizing Character

  • Communication Skills

  • Strong Foundations

  • Healthy Marriages​

  • Society Pressure

  • Misconceptions

  • Love Chemicals

  • Brain Conditioning

  • Smart Relationships

  • Love vs. Infatuation

  • Levels of Intimacy

  • Risky Situations

  • Pregnancy, STI's & HIV

  • Abuse Red Flags

  • Dangerous Love

  • A Child's Perspective


Relationship Smarts

Relationship Smarts integrates relationship education with powerful learning strategies. The curriculum features:

  • A realistic, relevant context for learning.

  • An appeal to personal aspirations for love, intimacy, and successful relationships.

  • New motivations for behavioral change.

  • Empowerment through self-awareness, relationship knowledge, and practical skills

Relationship Smarts is delivered through activities that are informative, fun, and affirmative. An updated workbook helps teens apply curriculum concepts to their own lives. Parent-Teen activities for each lesson stimulate conversations and connections with trusted adults.

This curriculum uses popular media and lively activities to engage both males and females in learning.

Key topics include:

  • Self-awareness: Personal strengths/weaknesses, past influences, goal setting, friendship, peer pressure, maturity, clarifying values, self-regulation.

  • Developing healthy relationships: Attraction, building blocks of positive relationships, how to assess relationships, realistic love, low-risk dating, “deciding vs. sliding.”

  • Problems, warnings, and dangerous relationships: Break-ups and broken hearts, unhealthy and abusive behaviors, ways to exit safely, boundaries, dating violence, sexual assault.

  • Communication and conflict: Danger signs, time outs, anger regulation, the Speaker-Listener Technique, problem-solving.

  • Intimacy and sexual decisions: Pacing relationships, what intimacy means, sex in the context of relationships, boundaries, myths of pregnancy, risky situations, and sexual consent, refusal skills, how unplanned pregnancy affects a child.

  • Updates to the Success Sequence: how the order of school, commitment, and babies impacts your future

  • Social media: The impact of “constant connection,” sexting realities and risks, online porn, personal polices on using social media.


Love Notes

In 13 lessons, youth learn more about themselves: how their past has shaped the present and how to make decisions on what they want for their own future. They learn what healthy relationships are and are not while building a set of skills for choosing friends and partners, and for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, including evidence-based communication and conflict management skills. Parents and trusted adult connection activities offer conversation starters on healthy relationships and on the benefits of leaving sex out of their youthful relationships.

Throughout the lessons, youth explore the benefits of sexual delay for achieving future goals. They learn to make clear decisions about relationships and about sex, and they practice skills to assert intentions, respond to pressure situations, and change course. They also learn meaningful ways to commit or recommit to leaving sex out of youthful relationships.

Where or not they are currently sexually active, youth who participate in Love Notes become empowered to identify their sexual values and intentions in a much deeper way while acquiring the critical thinking and communication skills to navigate their romantic lives. They hear from the voices of other youth and young adults concerning the many benefits of:

  • sexual delay

  • changing course and returning to delaying sexual activity.

  • completing key life events in an order conducive to (the “Success Sequence”)

Love Notes SRA’s Core Messages
  • Love Notes SRA has a strong and consistent message on the benefits of sexual delay and risk avoidance, as well as the possibility and benefits of changing course and resetting one’s sexual boundaries.

  • It communicates these messages through believable and culturally relevant examples (narratives, stories, media).

  • It does not normalize teen sexual activity, nor does it preach or shame.

  • The lessons are guided by the assumption that youth need encouragement to define a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of their aspirations and goals in life, and doing so will help them follow through on their intentions.

Does Love Notes Include Information About Contraception?

Love Notes SRA offers clear and up-to-date information on STIs and HIV. Lesson 10 contains a brief list of family planning methods for married couples who wish to plan when to start a family. It is presented in a way that does not normalize teen sexual activity.


"I am genuinely amazed with this newsletter every month. It is GREAT content and totally enjoyable and informative to read. I also love that I can leave it on the coffee table and find my teen picking it up to read it cover to cover. So good for her to learn all the gems you're teaching in these. Well done, you guys!"

—  Anna Marney, Naches Parent