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Due to the care and attention of the adults around you, Think Twice is from now on part of your "journey to maturity" toolkit. It is one of the best gifts you could ever get because our programs do not end once our course ends, so make sure you stay plugged in and join our activities. We are here not only to give you some information, but to be part of your extraordinary adventure to maturity so that you don't have to deal alone with maturing! And if one day you realize your walls need some decoration, just pull out the Think Twice materials; you'll find plenty on encouraging and caring statements to take you through the gloomy and doomy days of "Are we there yet?".

Believe in yourself and the worthiness of your voice, because we certainly believe in you. There's a vast, exciting and unique adult life in your future, waiting for you to make the right choices no, so you can reap the benefits in the future. 

Are you ready to pull out your Mature-Me Backpack and see the treasures you can put in? Let's start planning your future!


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W h y  "WAIT"
r a t h e r  t h a n 

Sex is wonderful - but it has consequences!


Some teens choose to delay sexual activity until a certain age or until they think they are ready.  Some want to focus on their goals and will choose not to become sexually involved until they are married. But not everyone will choose to wait, so giving some serious thought to these issues will help you decide what choice is best for you.

Free Pregnancy
Medical Center

Life Choices is a pregnancy medical center operating under the license of a medical doctor in the State of Washington.

All services provided by Life Choices are no charge and completely confidential.

Services include:

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Ultrasound confirmation

  • One-on-one Professional and Medical Consultation

  • Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting information

  • STD testing and treatment for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

  • Medical, social service, and community referrals


Speaker Evaluation

Thank you so much for your attention and interest in the topics discussed during this course! Your feedback is extremely important to me and I read everything that you write!


Also, this is a great opportunity for you to ask any other final questions you might have. Make the most out of it!


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