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Defeating Boredom: Yakima edition

“I’m Bored!!”

I hear all the time “There’s nothing to do in Yakima!” So here’s a list of things you can do that are either free or low-to-medium cost activities with friends or on a date to fight boredom (COVID friendly and regular life options).

COVID friendly:

  • Get a milkshake at Burger King by the Greenway and go for a walk.

  • Go on a bike ride together.

  • Create a scavenger hunt around town with photo evidence of finding each item. For example : take a picture in front of The Old Lighthouse Shoppe. Next, take a picture drinking a Sonic slushie. You get the idea.

  • Hike Cowiche Canyon Trail with friends.

  • Play Hide and Go seek around town, finding friends along the way. Section off a part of town or a park and play outside. You can keep your distance and still interact with others.

REGULAR LIFE (not on lockdown):

  • Skateland – kick it old school with friends skating

  • Rock Climbing Gym – Rock Solid Boulder Gym

  • Get Air

  • Meadowbrook Fun Center

  • Progressive Meal: pick a fast food place for each of the following and go in a group to split the cost.

Drink – Example McDonald’s large soda, $1 Appetizer – Cheddar Poppers at Sonic $3 Salad – Panera salad (shared) $8 Main Course – Burger King, A & W, Carl’s Jr. Wendy’s get a burger for each person Dessert – Ron’s Tacos and Burgers – Get a giant ice cream cone

What are some fun things you do in Yakima? Let us know so we can share!

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