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How To Approach A Girl You Like

Approaching a girl can be nerve wrecking. You think she’s cute or you like her but you do not want to be embarrassed when she rejects you.

Rejection doesn't feel great but the alternative - taken to extreme - is dying alone because you never had the courage to ask a girl out.

There is no magic formula that will work every time you approach a girl, but there are things you can do that increases your chances of getting a "Yes" - and there are things you might do that hurting your chances of being seen as a viable partner.

1. Women respond better to respectful men

Women like to be valued and respected - just like men. You may have heard other men talking about relationship like personal challenges or victories. When a woman accepts a man's courtship, or accepts dating him, it is a proof of trust. This acceptance of going out or dating is the foundation that true trust can be built upon in time.

If you chose to walk up to a woman and lead with a compliment, start with one conservative compliment and see how she takes it then decide where to go from there.

2. Relax

While quite a few women find shy and nervous attractive, not all women appreciate men who seem to be unable to protect them. A shy man can project uncertainty and lack of safety. Women like feeling protected by the men they are with - and a man who is afraid of his own shadow does not project confidence or security.

So relax; rejection is part of the process of finding a partner. It doesn't feel great, but without being rejected by the wrong people, we never find the right partner!

3. Be involved mentally

The myth of "understanding women" will forever be a myth. All women are different from each other. If you have a script and you use "pick-up" lines in order to hook up and break up, that's what all your relationships will stay as - hook ups and break-ups. If you are interested in a girl, learn what she likes and muster the courage to have an intelligent conversation with her - rather than Googling for lines that would make her fall for you.

Most women like a good conversation starter. Being funny is good if you do not go overboard. Pick up lines should only be used if you are trying to be funny. Otherwise you will just seem like a player. Any girl will be more willing to talk to you if you just sound normal and don’t try too hard.

Remember that just like you, women are looking to make a connection with someone genuine. A lot of women do not like being hit on because a lot of the guys who do so come off as creepy and often just do too much.

Also, remember that "No." means "No.", not "Impress me some more, please!". There are other women in the world, so accept the refusal and move on.

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