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- by Marina Paredes, Think Twice Educator A lot of people assume they already know what goals are. We have probably been setting goals all our lives. As simple as it sounds, the question “What are goals?” is a very important one to answer to make the best out of our daily lives. Here is my definition of goals: a plan of something you want to achieve in the future. Setting goals is a great start to achieve things in life. We all have dreams. We dream to have the best of the best. It could be anything from materialism to emotionally. We want the best career, house, car, or relationships etc. If we really want all this we have to work hard. Having goals is a great start. To achieve our goals we need to develop a plan to reach them. Everything has an order. A baby is not born knowing how to walk right away. There is a process. The baby needs to learn how to crawl first before walking… it’s the same with everything in life.

Goals can be applied to different areas of our lives and they can also be based on a time range. For example, life-based goals can be personal development goals, career goals, educational goals, health goals, family and relationship goals, spiritual goals, social goals, etc. Reaching your goal of having the career of your dreams is going to require you to follow steps. For example you have to finish high school before going to college. Maybe you will go to a community college for two years before going into a four year college. It might not be your first choice, but that could help you save up money or raise your GPA. Don’t give up. Plan for it and reach your goals and dreams. Goals help you to understand and quantify the steps you will have to take in order to actualize your vision. Having a broader life vision will help you to achieve more goals. Don’t dream small; dream big. Don’t stay at a place in your life where you don’t like. Here where I live in Yakima, WA, many kids decide to work at apple packing places for the rest of their lives getting paid the minimum wage doing hard labor instead of finishing school. If this is not the life you want to live, do the best you can to follow the success sequence to rise above poverty. The success sequence is: graduate high school, get a career, get married, have kids. Even if you are off track, don’t get discouraged. You can start again where you left off.

I have some college education but I believe my financial stability would have been better if I had finished my education. Trust me when I tell you that finishing your education is going to make your life easier. Just because you haven’t reached your goals yet doesn’t mean that you are stuck. It is never too late to start or finish a goal. Keep in mind that in order not to get frustrated often, choose to always be a happy person rather than letting outcomes determine your happiness. Goals allow us to achieve focus in life by helping us to determine what we want. They keep us motivated and propelled, constantly putting us in a state of action. If you aren't taking any action now, chances are you will never reach your goal. Take actions towards your goals now!


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